Just Something I Want To Get Off My Chest

I want a positive role model…

On the left, we have Laverne lavernecoxCox.  The right (and that was on purpose…) we have Caitlyn Jenner.  Cox is a positive trans role model.  Jenner is not.  At all.

Look, I’m happy for Cait, unless this turns out to be a poorly thought out and sickening publicity stunt.  It’s a good thing that she found herself.  Good for her, and all that.  But this force feeding her down our throats as a positive role model for the trans community is a complete steaming pile of horse shit.

She hasn’t the first notion of the struggles any average trans pcaitlyn-jenner-july-2015-vf-02erson has to go through.  While it still takes guts to come out, she was already uniquely positioned to come out on her terms and in a sheltered, protected environment.  And as the weeks go on, and she talks more about her politics, that can’t become any more clear.

Look, I’m not saying she can’t be conservative/Republican.  But I am saying that a positive role model for the transgender wouldn’t be still hung up on marriage equality.  That’s a by-product of being able to transition in a very insular, shielded environment.  If you had to actually fight for some equality of your own, Caitlyn, you’d never say that.  At least not out loud.  Definitely not out loud on the talk show of one of the most prominent gay entertainers we have (and also an incredibly positive role model).

Let’s go back to about 6 months ago, when Laverne was the talked about trans role model.  Let Cait continue to cash in, before possibly going to jail for that little vehicular manslaughter incident.

Time to evaporate again…


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