Close your eyes, look deep in your soul, step outside yourself and let your mind go…

I made a mistake.  A crucial error.  One I know I shouldn’t make, ever.  It’s critical and we all damn well know the consequences.

I read the comments after an article posted on the internet about a topic I’m close to.

So, it was a review on last night’s South Park.  I watched because I’ve always loved those guys brand of “nothing sacred” humor because it’s, at least, fair.  And because I wanted to see how they perceive Jenner (shocker, not too far from how I do).  The review sort of missed the point, I think, however, I should’ve stopped at the end.  I kept scrolling.

I’m sick of the genetic argument.  Sick of it.  It almost always starts the same fucking way, too.  An insistence in an overhanded asshole way of using the biological pronouns, in this case by listing all the masculine pronouns before the post started.  It almost always has “dude in a dress” in there.  And of course, the baseline of the argument itself: genetics don’t lie.  Doesn’t matter what anyone thinks…their genetic code, bro, their genetic code.

Okay, let’s start off on a purely scientific level here: genetics do change, albeit over great time and with stimulus.  One should never rely on “its genetics” in an argument such as this simply on that matter alone.  I mean, you’re walking much more erect today than some of your ancestors.  Hell, you’re on average taller today than in the recent past (I’ve been to Shakespeare’s hometown, Stratford-Upon-Avon, and I’ve toured the historical houses.  Trust me, we’re taller.  If you go and you’re over 5 feet tall, watch your head).   But if you must, if you really really must…

This, if you can't figure it out, is sarcasm writ large.

This, if you can’t figure it out, is sarcasm writ large.


(I made that all big in case you missed it the first 500 times it was pointed out to you meatheads)

Every time some ginormous douchenozzle uses the genetic argument to back their fear, bigotry, ignorance, hodgepodge of all of that, whatever, it’s like this huge red flag for anybody with even the most basic knowledge of the issues at hand.  Do these people think we don’t realize that biologically we have gendered bits and pieces?  Do you think we missed that lecture on Tab A going in to Slot B?  We’re all too aware of our bits, thank you.  I bet we are aware of them orders of magnitude more than you are!  Why?  Because your brain isn’t constantly telling you “hey, that penis doesn’t belong there!”  Or vagina (sorry, trans men peers, I went with my own brain there, but I’m sure you get it).

I’m really glad your brain is wired so the hardware and the software play nice.  I’m not so glad that your brain is wired to make you a dumbass, but you’ve got to live with that, I just have to deal with the consequences when you open your piehole.  But guess what, ours isn’t.  It’s that simple, it really is.  Here’s where I go un-scientific, and in to purely personal guess territory, though.  I think our brains are evolving faster than our bodies.  Possibly, they always have.  Our noodles have complexity that our bodies were never meant to be a part of.  Everything we can do that isn’t a direct manipulation of our own body, think about that.  Think of other animals on the planet whose brains, for the most part, are the engine of the body and nothing more.

So, we have to sort of put ourselves on a sort of sliding scale of belief, what’s the governing factor: brain or body.  Well, considering the fact that WE exist, if you put your needle on that scale anywhere past the halfway point pointing at body, you get a facepalm from me.  You don’t have to fully buy in, life experiences tend to shape personal belief structures (LOOKING AT YOU, JENNER.  Might as well call her Easy Street), but falling back completely on the genetics argument is quickly becoming as outdated as phrenology.

Worse yet are the ones that think they’re somehow an ally!  Fuck off, twathole!  That argument only exists to make you feel better about yourself and your “normal” body and brain, while at the same time marginalizing everything about the trans experience.  It really boils down to trying to use science, incorrectly, to justify bigotry.

I mean, isn’t it bad enough you jackholes use this argument to defend racism?

What’s really annoying is that I had designs on a coooompleeeeeetely different post this morning, focusing on my lovely deviances and how they brought me to this point in my life.  And these blowhards ruined it, just ruined it!

Time to evaporate.


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