Quite Unexpectedly…

Bless my soul, one false hope, take some wisdom there;
This punk’s no dope and I feel the need to share…

I woke up this morning to three separate emails from WordPress.  “Your stats are booming!” they said.  Huh, I thought to myself, that’s odd.  Maybe it’s just another one of those early blog boost emails I’ve found they’ve sent, like “you’ve reached 5 posts” or the like.  I head to the stats page and see my views have skyrocketed.  I look farther down and see reddit is the major factor.

So, I backtrack, and I find that Jack Molay has placed my thought experiment from my previous posting up to reddit.  On one hand, wowza, he thought it worthy enough to share widespread. On the other: OH SHIT MY OPINION IS NOW ON REDDIT?!

So, I quickly signed up, because already I’m seeing bits and pieces of the negativity I never really am pleased to see trickling through.  The experiment (and first off, the fact that it’s “an experiment” should be a good jumping off point before forming an opinion) wasn’t meant to be any sort of catch-all.  I use it when a cis friend comments to me something along the lines of “I can’t even begin to understand how you feel.”  It’s meant to open dialogue, nothing more.  It’s meant to bring context for someone who admits to having NOTHING in the brain for context to begin with.

It’s not meant for everyone.  It’s not meant for every situation.  I shared it because it works for me, and I know that it can be adapted, changed, molded, etc, and put in someone else’s toolbox of tricks.  My intent was not to create yet another argument over vocabulary, or the like.  That is NEVER my intent.

I dig the exposure.  Hi, you almost 500 new people who visited.  Don’t get me wrong there.  It was just wholly unexpected, and had I known this would get even remotely the amount of exposure it did, I would have been more careful with how I broached the subject.


About the ghost

Not quite what you think you see, in some ways more, in some ways less.
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5 Responses to Quite Unexpectedly…

  1. That’s the problem with anything published on the internet, so much can be taken out of context, unfortunately.

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  2. Anything that is published on an open blog risk being misread or misinterpreted, but that also opens up a possibility for dialog and learning, both for the blogger and the readers.

    I shared this blog post in social media, because I thought it was a interesting thought experiment, exactly of the kind that can lead to learning.

    Moreover, I also want more transgender people to read more of this blog, as there are some really valuable observations here. The transgender community need new clear voices, and Ghost is one of them.

    But there are risks involved when blogging on transgender issues, not at least because too many transgender people try to avoid “contamination” from those they feel are “unworthy”. So you have separatists who desperately try to keep their distance from the crossdressers and crossdressers, and you have “fetishist” who fear being trans so much that they are willing to call all of us fetishsits. Then there are the endless discussions between those who think there is a biological component to transgender, and those who think this is all about social conditioning. It can get tiresome sometimes to have to face these view points over and over again.

    But it is worth it: What you write in your post or in your response to comments can actually change (or even save) a transgender persons life.

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  3. I already used your thought experiment and it helped me a lot. 🙂

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