Legalize It

Singers smoke it, and players of instrument too.  Legalize it, yeah.  Yeah, that’s the best thing you can do…

I was juggling around a few different things to talk about, weighing them, giving them careful consideration and such.  Then, I had a pretty crappy day dysphoria wise.  Which made me go back to an idea I’ve been kicking around for awhile.

I completely advocate the legalization of marijuana in the United States.  But I want to add a new component to the gigantic pool of reasons why.

I’ve always backed legalization.  I think it being illegal is not only patently stupid while alcohol and tobacco are legal and regulated, but its inflating “crime” when police have much bigger problems to take care of.  I’m not naive to think its a cut and dry problem, mind you, and those aren’t the issues I’m going to talk about.

I feel it could be an alternative method for treating dysphoria.

Now, I could very well be wrong.  I can only speak from personal experience.  But I used to fall in periods of marijuana use that were a bit, well, overboard.  And it wasn’t just because I liked getting high.  It’s because there was no dysphoria.  I felt right.

It’s a pretty easy logical leap.  I wouldn’t say you get completely numb, but you do lose a bit of sensation for sure.  There was an anti-pot ad years ago where a friend of a user was lamenting about her lack of activity, and the friend was portrayed as two-dimensional.  Ever since I saw that, I’d occasionally refer to getting high as “getting tw0-dimensional.”  Because I was hoping for that feeling, because it meant I felt absolutely no disconnect.

My personal dysphoria ranges from mild discomfort, to feeling that my face in the mirror is a horrible mask, to feeling despair at just about every part of my body.  But no matter the severity, getting high made it go away, and made me feel aligned, centered, correct.

I won’t even lie, there were a couple of major realizations I’ve made on this topic while high.  Guards down, facades to the wayside.  Any resistances left were like tissue paper to be punched through.  The biggest one was that I actually feel like myself when I’m high.  I’m not stupid enough to just take that at face value.  It’s too easy to say “well, you’re in a euphoric state induced by drugs,” which I’m sure someone will automatically say.  Stuff like that you tend to remember and dismiss when you’ve lost your buzz.

I didn’t.  And because I didn’t, it only reinforced my thinking in that regard.  So, I’d get in a bit of a cycle where I self medicated, a lot.  Which wasn’t good for me, at all, but I was also in a much worse place then.  And because it was self medicating, I was self regulating.  I wanted to feel like myself, so I indulged, A LOT.

That’s my personal experience, basically.  Based on my own personal experience, and maybe with a little anecdotal evidence I’ve picked up (and feel free to chime in yourselves, please, if you have similar experiences, or contradictory experiences even), I feel that we should look in to adding dysphoria to the reasons marijuana can be used medicinally.

I apologize if my thoughts are in any way scattered or cluttered.  Today hasn’t been a great day in my noodle.  But that’s why I was thinking about this topic.  I can’t get any sort of “easy” relief, because its illegal and I could have to pee in a cup at any time.  It’d be nice if that’s a hurdle I didn’t, and so many others, didn’t have to worry about.


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2 Responses to Legalize It

  1. Unfortunately I don’t get the opportunity to indulge at the moment although I certainly wish I did. 😉
    I can totally see how getting high could ease the dysphoria for a while by relaxing one and triggering a euphoric state.
    Have one on me. 😉

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