The Perils of Public Transportation

Can I be the space for this, will I be the space for this; Breathe in, breathe out, must I bend the sky to realize?

Beyond having a mass transit system that goes to shitty pieces with even the slightest bit of inclement weather (thanks for making me wait 40 minutes on a bus that generally comes every 15 today!) there’s a certain..clientele?  Whatever you want to call it, but you get a certain kind of person in general who rides the bus/rails.

Now, I’m generally a quiet, keep to themselves person.  If I choose, or if I know you well enough, I can talk your ear off (though what I talk about might not actually tell you anything about me…just my thing).  But normally, I like to keep to myself, and my own counsel.

To this end, genetics blessed me with what is colloquially known as RBF: Resting Bitch Face.  Coupled with a general “stay outta my personal space” vibe I project, and I usually have no problems keeping to myself.

f9eBut nooooo, not in the special world of public transportation.  Apparently in this world, my RBF is actually catnip for crazy motherfuckers.  And my “stay away” vibe is translated as “talk to me about everything wrong in your life!” to them.

Okay, man, I’m sorry you got arrested yesterday…but I don’t know you, don’t care.  I’m sorry you’re dirt poor, hey, so am I!  And again, I don’t know you, and I know me really well, so I care just an eensy weensy bit more about my destitution.  Sorry your uncle is a drugged out mess and you might get kicked out at any time, hey, we all got problems.  Did you happen to notice these headphones I wear specifically to shut myself out from the world?  Ugh, guess not.

And that was all just ONE guy!  I count my lucky stars whenever I manage to keep the crazies away for an entire trip.  I feel like I should get off the bus/tram and dance a friggin’ jig or something.

It honestly wants me to start really going girly just in the hopes that their transphobia will keep them the hell away from me!  But with my weird ass luck, they’ll just be more attracted in to my personal sphere.

I miss my car…


About the ghost

Not quite what you think you see, in some ways more, in some ways less.
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One Response to The Perils of Public Transportation

  1. Dexxy says:

    You would hate me on the train! HeHe

    Liked by 1 person

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