Is That A Hairband In Your Hair Or Are You Just Happy To See Me?

Hey vanity, this vile’s empty; so are you…

Not too much to say really.  However, I’ve discovered an unexpected love.  The hairband.

No, seriously you guys, I’m in love.  My hair is at just the right (read: annoying) length that this is like a gift from the gods.  I’m constantly pushing my hair out of my face, and this has solved that for me.  I only got them because I’m starting to experiment with makeup (first trials: not too bad.  My background in theatre has given me enough rudimentary experience to not have it be completely laughable, but work still needs to be done.  Not to mention I just don’t have enough just yet to do a complete job.  Concealer is going to be a must with my dark circles, for instance).  Funny thing was, I was only going to grab some simple cloth ones, but it was the dollar store, so I grabbed more traditional “hard arch” ones as well on a whim.  Guess which one I’m wearing now?

I totally plan on wearing it around the house.  I’ll swap it out for a cloth one when I leave if I feel the need (or simply carry the cloth ones with me, it’d be useful in class).  But this is just so darn convenient.

And it makes me feel way more like a woman than the makeup, for whatever reason.  That’s kinda weird, but whatever.


About the ghost

Not quite what you think you see, in some ways more, in some ways less.
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2 Responses to Is That A Hairband In Your Hair Or Are You Just Happy To See Me?

  1. I should try a hairband, too. My hair is now at the annoying length where it ends up in my mouth all the time. 😀

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