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What Does It Mean To Be A Woman?

Running down a dream that never would come to me, working on a mystery – going wherever it leads… So, a recurring theme that has come up in my few therapy sessions is “what does it mean to be a … Continue reading

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Like A Ton Of Bricks (Caution: Possible Trigger)

To die unsung would really bring you down, although wet eyes would never suit you… I had a major dysphoria attack earlier today. I think I mentioned earlier that as for as dysphoria goes, I have it relatively good.  And … Continue reading

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Screw Pink, I Like Blue Better…But I Love Black

It’s the terror of knowing what this world is about; watching some good friends scream “let me out!” Tomorrow gets me higher, pressure on people – people on streets… I’m not “girly.” I’ll now pause for a very collective “deeeeeeeeeeeeer” … Continue reading

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Quite Unexpectedly…

Bless my soul, one false hope, take some wisdom there; This punk’s no dope and I feel the need to share… I woke up this morning to three separate emails from WordPress.  “Your stats are booming!” they said.  Huh, I … Continue reading

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My Thought Experiment

We are the kings and queens that were promised… So, on occasion, in order to try and help cis folks understand how I feel (even back when I used it as a hypothetical when talking trans issues with people while … Continue reading

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Floating In The Ether

I have a secret to tell from my electrical well; it’s a simple message and I’m leaving out the whistles and bells… It’s now been 24+ hours since I came out. And I feel…weird.  I’m at this place where I’m … Continue reading

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Aren’t You A Little Penis-y For a Woman?

And I won’t let go, to be the best man, the best man that I can… So, I expect to slow down on entries at some point, but I think bite sized postings are the way to go, personally.  So … Continue reading

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Just Something I Want To Get Off My Chest

I want a positive role model… On the left, we have Laverne Cox.  The right (and that was on purpose…) we have Caitlyn Jenner.  Cox is a positive trans role model.  Jenner is not.  At all. Look, I’m happy for … Continue reading

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