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Stoked, Yet Scared

People think I’m insane because I am frowning all the time… So, I got a call yesterday.  A call I didn’t think would come for another week at least.  To give me news I thought I’d have to wait at … Continue reading

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Legalize It

Singers smoke it, and players of instrument too.  Legalize it, yeah.  Yeah, that’s the best thing you can do… I was juggling around a few different things to talk about, weighing them, giving them careful consideration and such.  Then, I … Continue reading

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The Stigma of Crossdreaming

Me and you; god only knows it’s not what we would choose to do… I’ve been having a very fascinating conversation lately with a very lovely girl.  I’ve been discussing with her my crossdreaming, and how it relates to and … Continue reading

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Quite Unexpectedly…

Bless my soul, one false hope, take some wisdom there; This punk’s no dope and I feel the need to share… I woke up this morning to three separate emails from WordPress.  “Your stats are booming!” they said.  Huh, I … Continue reading

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An Important Anniversary

You’re not ready for the world outside, you keep pretending but you just can’t hide… 5 years ago, I first touched the edges of my gender identity. I had recently gone to the emergency room.  I was having suicidal thoughts.  … Continue reading

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My Thought Experiment

We are the kings and queens that were promised… So, on occasion, in order to try and help cis folks understand how I feel (even back when I used it as a hypothetical when talking trans issues with people while … Continue reading

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A Haiku

All my designs, simplified; and all of my plans, compromised… I’m not big on writing poetry, much more of a prose gal.  But I do make exceptions for the haiku.  There’s something about the form that I get, the elegance … Continue reading

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